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Grant Highlights

Dr. Brian González awarded first R01: Dr. Brian González was recently awarded $1,171,450 in direct costs over five years by NIH/NCI for his research project titled “Identifying and Reducing Disparities in Patient-Reported Outcomes Among African America Prostate Cancer Survivors." The peer-reviewed award is Dr. González’s first R01. The project proposes to reduce morbidity as related to health disparities in prostate cancer survivors by identifying and reducing disparities in symptom burden among African American prostate cancer survivors. This will be among the first and most comprehensive studies to compare symptom burden between African American and White prostate cancer survivors, and will be the first to examine genetic predictors of symptom burden in this population.

Publication Highlights

Early Stage Investigator - Jaileene Pérez-Morales, PhD

Pérez-Morales J, Tunali I, Stringfield O, Eschrich SA, Balagurunathan Y, Gillies RJ, Schabath MB. Peritumoral and Intratumoral Radiomic Features Predict Survival Outcomes Among Patients Diagnosed in Lung Cancer Screening. Sci Rep. 2020 Jun 29;10(1):10528. PMID: 32601340.

Developmental Research Project - The impact of Hurricane Maria on biopsychosocial outcomes and health care access of cancer patients

Rodriguez-Rabassa M, Hernandez R, Rodriguez Z, Colon-Echevarria CB, Maldonado L, Tollinchi N, Torres-Marrero E, Mulero A, Albors D, Pérez-Morales J, Flores I, Dutil J, Jim H, Castro EM, Armaiz-Pena GN. Impact of a Natural Disaster on Access to Care and Biopsychosocial Outcomes Among Hispanic/Latino Cancer Survivors. Sci Rep. 2020 Jun 25;10(1):10376. PMID: 32587352.

Other Publications That Acknowledge the PHSU-MCC Partnership (i.e. uses PHSU-MCC Partnership Shared Resources)

Torres-Blasco N, Castro E, Crespo-Martín I, González K, Ramirez EP, Garduño O, Costas-Muniz R. Comprehension and Acceptance of the Meaning-Centered Psychotherapy With a Puerto Rican Patient Diagnosed With Advanced Cancer: A Case Study. Palliat Support Care. 2020 Feb;18(1);103-109. PMCID: PMC7323897.

Outreach Pilot Project - Educational intervention to increase genetic counseling use in Hispanic breast cancer survivors

Conley CC, Castro-Figueroa E, Moreno L, Dutil J, Garcia JD, Burgos C, Ricker C, Kim J, Graves KD, Ashing KT, Quinn GP, Soliman H, Vadaparampil ST. A pilot randomized trial of an educational intervention to increase genetic counseling and genetic testing among Latina breast cancer survivors. J Genet Couns. Accepted on August 2, 2020.

Outreach Events

The Bridge: Insomnia among cancer patients on August 15, 2020; virtual event

Latinos y el cancer on October 3, 2020 

Puerto Rico Relief Efforts —Hurricanes Irma and Maria have left millions in Puerto Rico...Read more here 

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