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The primary objective of the Quantitative Sciences Core (QSC) is to provide centralized statistical and bioinformatics services, collaborative research and data management support for the research projects and other cores of the Ponce Health Sciences University-Moffitt Cancer Center Partnership. The Core will serve as the focal point from which investigators can draw quantitative expertise for the design, data management and analysis of their research projects. Additionally, the QSC is developing and will maintain the Hispanic Bioportal (GLOBAL) for accessing and exploring the molecular data generated from the Partnership. The Core includes members from the Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Department of the Moffitt Cancer Center as well as the Ponce Health Sciences University. The Core derives its personnel management, data analysis software and other infrastructure support from these two institutions. The QSC Core will support all projects and cores of the Partnership and is available for Partnership members to engage.

QSC Services Available

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Moffitt Role Ponce Role
Steven Eschrich, PhD Co-Leader Julie Dutil, PhD Co-Leader
Rodrigo Carvajal Core Staff Scientist José A. Oliveras, MD Clinical Data Abstractor / Data Concierge
Dung-Tsa Chen, PhD Biostatistician Martha Báez Program Coordinator
Edna Gordián Data Concierge    
Steven Sutton, PhD Biostatistician    
Jamie Teer, PhD Bioinformatician    
Yairí Rivera-Torgerson Program Coordinator