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Ask our team a question

The PRBB and QSC have two experienced Data Concierges that can help with your request:

Edna Gordián, MS

mailto: edna.gordian@moffitt.org

Edna is a molecular biologist, originally trained in microbiology, with a strong interest in understanding the mechanisms by which cancer cells grow and proliferate and are regulated. Edna has been involved in the PRBB since 2010 and the QSC since 2018.

José Oliveras, MD, MPH

mailto: joliveras@psm.edu

José is a Medical Doctor, has a Master's in Public Health, and is an Assistant Professor of the Biostatistics and Epidemiology course at PHSU. He has an interest in data science and analytics. José has been involved in the PRBB since 2019 and the QSC since 2021.