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Put in an official request for information, data, services or tissues

PRBB Information Request Form: https://redcap.link/PRBB_Info_request 

Use this form if you are inquiring about the number of biospecimens and/or data for your research project.

Note that some information requests will require significant manual review and may take several weeks to complete. 

PRBB Tissue and Data Request Form: https://redcap.link/prbbrequest

Use this form if you are interested in obtaining biospecimens and/or data for your research project (full request).

Note tissue and data requests will require IRB approval and approval of our Tissue and Data Distribution Committee. It is important to complete these forms in detail and understand that review of the request will take several weeks.

PRBB Pathology Service Request Form: https://redcap.link/PRBB_Pathology_Services 

Use this form if you have specimens such as slides (H and E, IHC, TMA, etc.) and you would like them to be evaluated by a pathologist for your research project.

Letter of Support Requests: Send email to Doug Cress and Idhaliz Flores including title of project, specific aims, description of tissue/data required, sample size, grant mechanism, and deadline.

Note letter of support requests will take 2-3 weeks to complete. We encourage all investigators to add funds into their budgets for PRBB services in their non-U54 grants (costs per tissue processing, costs for NA quality, conc., costs of data abstraction, personnel time and effort).